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Why you should get a bath mat - TeppichCenter24

If you want to prevent the unpleasant feeling when you climb from the heated floor of the shower to the icy tiles of your bathroom, a bath mat from our range can help. Step onto a cozy bathroom carpet after a relaxing shower or a hot bath, and the soft 100% cotton fabric will please your feet. In addition, almost all of our bath mats are non-slip, so getting out of the bathtub or shower is less dangerous than on a slippery tile floor.

Even for children, the bathroom carpets are a sensible purchase, since the little ones are bursting with energy and tend to fast movements. They would like to make the whole world to their playground, but the danger of a wet bathroom floor is obvious. Due to the certification of the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, our materials are tested for harmful substances and processed to a high quality, so that you can put your loved ones on a soft bath mat after a relaxing bath without any hesitation and dry them off in calmness. For the certification of our products or for any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our specialist staff.

Bath mats for the right relaxation

The bathroom should be your place to relax, whether singing in the shower or with a good book in the bath. The work you have taken home, the dirty dishes, the broken car, the ironing, or whatever does not really calm you, has lost nothing in the bathroom.

"Selfcare" is the keyword, for a moment only to take care of yourself and switch off, which is unfortunately often neglected in our stressful everyday life. It usually takes only a few real moves to turn your own bathroom into a small oasis of regeneration.Look for contemporary bathroom furniture. For example, replace your old, bursting mirror cabinet with a new, more spacious one. Or replace the worn shower curtain with one in a friendly color. Gladly to match the colors of your bathroom carpets. Integrate a few fresh plants and you will get closer to your own relaxing place. A fluffy bath mat makes the feel-good factor perfect, because it ensures warm feet and a cozy atmosphere. If underfloor heating ensures that your feet do not freeze, our bathroom carpets pass the plump warmth through the whole carpet.

Thanks to our offer, which includes very different sizes of bath mats, you can play with enough space in the bathroom with the variations. For example, place it in front of the bath, shower, toilet or washbasin to build your custom bath mat set. As a result, nothing stands in the way of well-being in your own bathroom despite the bare and cold tiles.

Bathroom as a statement?

A bathroom has long been more than a personal care room. Friends, relatives, acquaintances - your guests will examine the bathroom during their visit, consciously or unconsciously. A color scheme will astonish the eyes of your guests and give the room a homely atmosphere to feel good. Whether you are looking for an eye-catcher in pink, yellow or purple, or prefer to work with dignified colors such as beige, brown or blue, thanks to our wide range of colors your possibilities are virtually unlimited. With accessories, such as color-coordinated towels, toothbrush tumbler and soap dispenser, the bath set is complemented. It only takes a few more candles and you are in your personal SPA - thanks to our low prices you have to pay much less than in the wellness center around the corner.

How to maintain the hygiene standards despite carpets in the bathroom

Whether round, square, oval, classic rectangular or in the form of a motif, the bathroom rugs can be found on the carpet market in all shapes, colors and patterns. One thing remains unchanged despite the many differences, the textiles provide the optimal breeding ground for uninvited guests. In the bathroom there is constant moisture and skin contact, the perfect companion for germs. Therefore, it should become a habit to wash the bath mats. Thanks to our easy-care range, no special carpet cleaning products are needed, it is sufficient if you turn in the washing machine at (if possible) at least 60 ° C a round. To avoid lint in the machine, put the bathroom carpets in pillowcases and then store the fast-drying mats as lying down as possible to dry. When cleaning, it does not matter how hot you wash or how much you use to treat the bath mats, but that the bath mats remain stable. However, thanks to our reasonable prices, it does not tear a hole in your purse, if you have neglected the regular cleaning something and want to replace the bath mat. You can always order a new bath rug and if you wish, try another color directly.

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